OMG! Russia Has Put Its Hands in its Own Pockets

The WALL STREET JOURNAL’s news and information pages provide comprehensive, objective coverage of economic facts useful for an understanding of the economy and current events. The WSJ’s editorial pages, in contrast, rarely even approach what could be considered as reality.

Most recently, the Journal’s editorial editors have upheld their standard devoted to simplistic ideology, Fox News-style OCD and right knee jerk pomposity. The Journal denounced President Obama for being soft on Russia and for failing to bait the Russian bear in his lair.

Americans, especially those who think that little Lindsay Graham can provide a “manly” alternative to U.S. foreign policy, need to attend to several facts:

  • What goes on in the Ukraine is none of our business;
  • Ukraine, historically known as “little Russia”, is well within the Russian sphere of influence and well OUTSIDE of the American Empire; and,
  • Even if the power elite wanted to extend its power to the Ukraine, there is no feasible way to do so.

In all the time since people with my surname have lived within the territory that became the United States, since 1640, the Ukraine has been subordinate to the Russian government. Russia entered the Ukraine at sometime about 1000 A.D.  Russians have been in the Ukraine BEFORE Normans conquered England, before France was a united kingdom and before Europeans dispossessed the native Americans. It’s silly to think that Russia should, or could, keep its hands off of the Ukraine.

“Mad Bomber” McCain would not be able to change this elemental fact. “Limp-wristed” Lindsay would not be able to exert his will on the plains of the Ukraine. For them to berate Barack Obama, who appears to be the only adult in Washington, is absurd.

Has Russia invaded a sovereign country? Yes, and the invader of Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Panama, Granada, and Vietnam lacks all moral credibility to protest. When the United States maintains troops and naval bases in 80-plus nations, it is not able to gripe and grouse. The United States has executed its will to interfere in and change governments in Libya, Indonesia, Syria, Honduras, and the Phillipines as well as many other locales far from our borders. It is quite understandable that Russia reaches out to stabilize a country adjacent to it.

When the United States pulls out of Texas, then we can assert our moral example to demand that Russia leave the Ukraine.

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