A Few Facts about the Ukraine, Crimea & Russia

The Republicans and their puppeteers at Murdoch’s Faux News are a-fluster about the supposed “Russian invasion” of the Ukraine and its occupation of the Ukrainian province of the Crimea. Makes good sound bites, resurrects an old bugaboo, the hungry Russian bear, and enables wing nuts to bleat repeatedly Obama soft, Obama soft.

However, the facts are less dramatic.

As we’ve noted earlier, the Ukraine is historically “little Russia” which has been within the Russian national family for a 1000 years. Crimea although adjacent to the Ukraine, is ethnically Russian. When the Ukraine became politically autonomous it entered into agreements with Russia recognizing Russian rights in the Crimea. Under those agreements, Russia maintains troops and naval bases in Crimea. Russia always has troops in the Crimea, there was no invasion.

No Russian troops entered the Ukraine. When a coup removed the Ukrainian President, its perps decided to play the nationalist card to bolster its street cred with the people. One of the sops to uber-patriotism was to make the Ukrainian language the “official language” for public business. This ukase was extended to all regions within the Ukraine including the Crimea.

Crimea which is predominantly Russian, and which both Russia and the Ukraine have recognized as an “autonomous republic” took offense. There is a serious disagreement between the Ukraine and Crimea as to whether Crimea is obligated to “Ukrainize” itself. This is complicated. It is not a simple Good Guy versus Bad Guy scenario.

The situation is being used by a Republican caucus to score points against a President they disdain and by a media anxious to hype a story for ratings.


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