The Empire Strikes Back Again, and Again, and Again . . .

Deja vu all over again, we first published the following four years ago. It seems relevant today.

As of February 23, 2010, 4379 Americans have been killed in the Bush-Obama War on Iraq and 31,693 have been injured.

Remember, this is a war for which the Government has yet to float a satisfactory explanation — no WMDs, no involvement in 9-11 — we don’t know why we’re there, we’re just there, and we can’t leave until we fulfill our mission although we don’t know what that mission is.

One day in the live of Private John Smith would take the creative talents of Franz Kafka.

The United States maintains over 700 bases or installations in 148 countries. The American military maintains more bases than the British Empire when it controlled a quarter of the Earth and more than the Roman Empire. The American Republic has been transformed into an Empire without ever consulting the American people.

We spend over a TRILLION dollars annually to maintain this Empire. We spend more on the military than all of our potential enemies — China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea — combined. The U.S. Navy possesses firepower greater than the next 13 navies.

We’ve invaded Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Colombia. We’ve bombed Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia with more explosives than we used in all of World War II killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of children who never meant us any ill.

We are the Evil Empire we once feared in another.


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