“Bang-Bang, He Shot Me Down”

By now everyone has heard of the off-duty cop in Florida who shot a moviegoer for using his cellphone during a show. This case is still winding its way through the courts.

More recently, yesterday, an off-duty cop at home in Philadelphia shot a passerby when the man’s dog defecated on the cop’s lawn. The man had a dog but no gun.

The engines of justice moved swiftly, the dog-lover with a bullet in him has already been charged with aggravated assault. The cop, however, is still being investigated so no charges have been filed. In case you’re worried, the gun-toting, dogpoop-averse cop is on paid leave while the matter is being investigated.

We think it is a dangerous practice for cops to be able to earn paid leave by shooting people.

Lesson learned, if you walking your dog in Philadelphia, arm yourself.


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