Holier-Than-All America Condemns Wicked Russia

President Obama today said that the United States stands with the Ukraine against Russian interference in their internal affairs.

The United States as we all know is strongly supportive of self-determination for other nations.  . . . . NOT!

The CIA conspired with the Honduran military to remove the democratically elected President of Honduras.

The CIA, having previously attempted a coup against the democratically elected President of Venezuela, is again supporting dissident elements seeking to overthrow the legitimate elected government of Venezuela.

The U.S. Marines captured and removed the President of Haiti when he dared to suggest that American corporations should raise the slave wages being paid his people.

The U.S. military invaded Panama killing thousands to apprehend Manuel Noriega on an American warrant.

The U.S. mined the harbors of Nicaragua in contravention of a finding of the World Court that such an act of war was in violation of the UN Charter and international law.

The U.S. has invaded Granada, bombed Libya, intervened in Egypt, supported rebels in Syria, invaded Afghanistan, used drones in a half-dozen nations, bombed Serbia, broke up the Yugoslav national federation, bought off candidates in France and Italy, conspired to remove the British premier Harold Wilson, supported those who committed genocide in Cambodia (because they were anti-Vietnam), landed special forces in Colombia, supported a military coup in Chile, suborned genocide in Indonesia . . . . . .

And on, and on, and on.

And President Obama has the audacity to piously chastise Russia for interfering in a country that until 1954 was a constituent part of Russia (Crimea*). He does so because the United States is committed to self-determination. The Russian head of state is condemned as a would-be conqueror when Russia maintains only a single base outside of the territory of the former USSR while the U.S. maintains a global empire of military and naval bases on which the sun never sets.

When hypocrisy becomes a form of government it must be known as “Hypocracy”. The United States, under Bush-Obama, is the epitome of  hypocritical government.


* Vladimir the Great (not the current Vladimir), Grand Prince of the Kievan Rus, the forerunner of the Russia State, first conquered Crimea in 988. The peninsula was exchanged back and forth between the Russians and the Byzantines, Genoans, Kipchaks, Mongols and Tatars until taken by the Tsar in 1783. Crimea remained Russian until 1954 when Nikita Khrushchev “gave” it to the Ukraine. This was done when the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and would be comparable to Michigan giving Wisconsin the Upper Peninsula.


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    Many thanks!

    • dissentingdemocrat

      Sorry but the mechanics of WordPress is beyond my ken. One of the nice things about blogging on
      Wordpress is that they take care of everything and we just have to provide content.

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