Former Louisiana Governor EDWIN EDWARDS has announced his candidacy for a Congressional seat. He has already set the State record as Governor having held that seat for 16 years. Now at the age of 86, having also served a term in prison allegedly for corruption, and then marrying a woman who became his third wife and having a 7 month old baby, Edwards has proved  that he is more than capable of doing what many others consider the impossible.

EDWARDS, like those earlier lovable rascals, the brothers Long, Huey and Earl, proves that the impossible in Louisiana only takes a little longer than the possible. The Media, of course, are snootily dismissive. Louisiana media because it is bought and paid for by the ONE PERCENTERS and national media because they prefer their politicos to be easily pigeon-holed, and ED is not.

We wish EDWARDS well for a number of reasons: first, a colorful politician has the wherewithal to be a mover and shaker on his own without the strings which encumber most conventional politicians; second, because we acknowledge that criminal prosecutions in Louisiana are but politics by other means, they are not the neutral arbiter of truth and justice; and, finally, because any 86 year old man who marries a woman 52 years younger than himself and fathers a baby should be recognized as a leader of grand inspiration!


Edwin and Trina Edwards on their wedding day

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