Do You Want to Have Sex with Prostitutes Legally?

No Problem just move to Hawaii and become a Cop.

Yes, in Hawaii the police have lobbied the State Legislature to exempt police officers from the law penalizing sex for hire. The boys in blue thought that holding them accountable under the law would place too great of a burden on investigations. The Legislature was most accommodating (does any Legislature ever say No to a Cop or Secret Agent Man?) and granted the exemption.

Never mind that police forces elsewhere manage to investigate crime without being exempt for its commission. Never mind that this will virtually make sex slaves out of any working girl (or guy) for whom a Cop has a fancy. Never mind that this denigrates the Law that is supposed to be served.

There is a cumulative body of cases that demonstrate that our Guardians have become our Jailers. Cops routinely steal property under asset forfeiture laws, beat and mistreat suspects and non-suspects, and kill without repercussion. Now they will assuredly wrangle exemptions from criminal prosecutions across the board. They will soon be joined by Prosecutors and Judges who already are fairly exempt from accounting for their misdeeds.

A Police State is not free from crime, it is a State where crime is legal for some people.


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