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They discovered how much they agreed with one another despite quite different backgrounds; they support democracy as a political practice and as a way of life.



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4 responses to “Introduction

  1. We agree – Speak out loud and proud!

  2. The failure of the Left in the USA is due, in part, to demonizing the opposition and failing to persuade. Moral outrage is an expensive luxury. I know that there aren’t enough bytes in cyber space to list all the sins of neoconservatism and neoclassical economics, but preaching to the choir gets us nowhere. Howard Dean was on to something when he said we have to engage good ole boys driving pickup trucks with Confederate flag license plates. This will take years, if not decades. A pessimist would say that considering the degraded condition of our primary and secondary education systems that it will never happen. It is difficult to explain the long term advantages to everybody of rational social justice when few are skilled enough in the English language to comprehend the concepts. Yes, English is the unofficial official language of the USA and it would be useful if Americans learned to speak it. And read it. Maybe even write it. While some would see worker involvment in decision making as some sort of panacea, I am not so sanquine. The fact that the various teacher’s organizations have not contributed very much , and in fact have done harm, to our schools is obvious. We can cry in our beer, demonize the oppostion, insult the red State ignorant, but if we can’t even fix our schools, moral outrage is useless. There are no shortcuts, such as the election of Obama. Given the degenerated condition of our National government, it’s likely that he’s doing as much as he can, politics being the art of the possible. Ed Flahaven, one of my teachers and mentors, was mentioned, along with 29 years of shelters for the homeless. It is incredible that we can’t solve that problem but I do not blame it on conservatives as much as I see it a failure of liberals. Check it for yourselves, but I believe that every significant improvement in this country was due to the efforts of liberals, starting with the Declaration of Independence. Liberals have the moral high ground, a solid record of achievement, and more than a little common sense. With these assets, why can’t they get anything done? Could liberals be as poorly educated as everyone else?

    • dissentingdemocrat

      Lou, I couldn’t disagree more strenuously, the Left, such as it is, is far too much of a gentleman or a lady to engage in an all too appropriate
      demonization of the Opposition. The Right readily calls us Commies, minions of the Antichrist and addled fools. The Left then retorts with a mighty:
      “I beg to differ”.

      Moral Outrage is long overdue. We need more and not less of it.

      I do agree that Howard Dean had a point when he said that the good ole boys should be engaged, good ole boys respond to straight talk and
      definitive language. If you see a skunk, you should yell: “Hey, there’s a skunk!”. The Liberal too often is wont to politely whisper, “Pray tell, I hesitate to cause offense but isn’t that kitty cat a bit odiferous”

      I call a skunk a skunk. And my kinfolk who are primarily good ole boys and gals, who have farmed, and worked in factories, walked picket lines,
      and hassled with bill collectors, understand what I am saying.

      • The Man From Mars

        That’s most peculiar, I heard the exact same thing on the right except they were called “fascists”, “Nazis”, “racist”, “bigots”, “hateful”, “oppressive”, “unfair”, “evil” and “stupid”.

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