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How About This as an Amendment to the Constitution?

Buffet Rule


America’s Debt


We would add as a cause the fiscally irresponsible cutting of taxes favoring the ONE PERCENT at the expense of programs serving the 99%.

What Should We Spend? It Depends On What We Value



If we really wanted to save some money just where in the Budget would we be able to do so with the least sacrifice and hardship to be suffered by the average American? Seriously, do we need to spend MORE on the military than all of NATO, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea combined?

So When the Politicians Tell You That We Can’t Afford to Feed Hungry Kids, Remember What They Think We Can Afford


Prior to the First World War, the British Empire committed itself to military spending equal to the combine spending of the next three powers. They were able to do that and maintain an Empire comprised of a quarter of the world’s land surface. If the U.S. would follow this guideline it would still be the biggest dog on the block and have $ 500,000,000,000 available for domestic spending AND tax cuts!


But Guess Where the Budget Cuts Will Come From

Tax Dollars

Bernie Sanders: “Hands Off Social Security”

Bernie Sanders sends letter to President Obama warning him against cutting Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid — 15 Democratic Senators won’t accept Obama-Republican proposals to balance the budget on the backs of the aged

From COMMON DREAMS (February 14, 2014) –

A letter spearheaded by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), signed by fifteen Democratic colleagues and sent to the White House on Friday warns President Obama against calling for—as he has previously—cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid in his upcoming budget proposal.

Obama was rebuked strongly by progressives nationwide last year when he included a plan to cut Social Security benefits as a way to reduce future budget deficits.

As the letter from the 15 senators states, “Social Security has not contributed one penny” to the current deficit. In fact, it continues, the program “has a surplus of more than $2.7 trillion and can pay every single benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 19 years.”

In addition to defending both Medicare and Medicaid funding, the letter goes on to say that “these are tough times for our country” but that additional cuts would make life for a struggling middle class and those living in poverty “even more difficult.”

“While those on top have more than recovered from the worst recession since the Great Depression,” write the senators, “tens of millions of Americans continue to lose ground economically.”

The message to Obama is not a new one, but progressive critics of the president have been repeatedly aghast at how willing he has been to include cuts to social programs in his proposals—the same kind of cuts called for by Republicans who have made attacks on the social safety net a cornerstone of their political agenda for more than forty years.

A Modest Proposal


I’ve heard some Tea Partisans say that they shouldn’t have to pay taxes to help poor people. If we really declared War on Poverty we could treat poor Americans as prisoners of that war. We currently spend MORE per capita on prisoners of war than poor Americans.