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The Jihad in Egypt

We have been concerned that the United States has failed to understand what is really going on in the Middle East. As a result, and due to an excessive deference to the oil sheiks of the Arabian Peninsula, American foreign policy has tilted towards aid to the very same people who attacked us on 9/11.

In Egypt, the U.S. put pressure on the Egyptian armed forces to overthrow a secular ruler and replace him with an Islamist. Even after Muhammad Morsi revealed his anti-American Islamist bias, the Obama regime continued to support him against the wishes of the Egyptian people. Propagandists on his behalf covered up evidence as to his Islamist ties.

Now Morsi is on trial, and Egyptian media is discussing the extent to which the Egyptian people barely avoided being handed over to an Islamic tyranny. Most recently telephone recordings of conversations between Morsi and Muhammad al-Zawahiri were released. Zawahiri is the brother of Al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and a dedicated Islamist.

The recordings back the prosecution’s case that Morsi was conspiring to persecute Christians and secular-oriented Egyptians. Apparently, the recordings make clear that Zawahiri was giving orders to Morsi. Morsi promises Zawahiri, “We have taken deterrent measures to combat those few, and new legislative measures to limit their media, and in the near future, we will shut down these media stations and launch large Islamic media outlets.  We are even planning a big budget from the [Brotherhood] International Group  to launch Islamic and jihadi satellite stations  to urge on the jihad. There will be a channel for you and the men of al-Qaeda, and it can be broadcast from Afghanistan.”

The United States Government helped to create the monster that became Al Qaeda, and yet seems to have forgotten. It is time for America to end its support for Jihadis in Egypt, Syria, Libya . . . and in Saudi Arabia.

SOURCE: Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians


The Great American Sell-Out

The TPP* continues to be pushed by the Obama Regime. There is a blackout on all media coverage. But some things have been obtained by Wikileaks or through foreign governments not enslaved to American Corporate interests. Obama as “commander-in-chief” has had what should be public information classified under national security laws warning Congress-critters that they could be prosecuted should they discuss the negotiations publicly. The following was published by Huffington Post and COMMON DREAMS ( based on documents leaked by WIKILEAKS.

“One of the most controversial provisions in the talks includes new corporate empowerment language insisted upon by the U.S. government, which would allow foreign companies to challenge laws or regulations in a privately run international court. Under World Trade Organization treaties, this political power to contest government law is reserved for sovereign nations. The U.S. has endorsed some corporate political powers in prior trade agreements, including the North American Free Trade Agreement, but the scope of what laws can be challenged appears to be much broader in TPP negotiations.

“The United States, as in previous rounds, has shown no flexibility on its proposal, being one of the most significant barriers to closing the chapter, since under the concept of Investment Agreement nearly all significant contracts that can be made between a state and a foreign investor are included,” the memo reads. “Only the U.S. and Japan support the proposal.”

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT once wrote that no President had so damaged the United States as had George W Bush. We need to revise that statement which was true up through the Bush tenure. If the TPP is approved under Obama’s purview then without hesitancy, we can conclude that Barack Obama will have damaged the American economy and the American nation MORE than any other, indeed more than ALL of those who have preceded him.

News Item: Obama Regime Planning to Extend War in Afghanistan

The BUSH-OBAMA WAR in AFGHANISTAN will be extended for another 10 years under an agreement negotiated between the Obama regime and its Afghan puppet. Despite repeated pledges to be out by the end of 2014, the military-industrial complex loves the continuing flow of funds so that it can churn out arms and ammo for the never-ending war.

Fearful that Congress would reject its Imperial aspirations, the Regime refuses to submit the agreement for Congressional approval. It therefore is an “executive agreement” solely at the discretion of a lame-duck President and the American-designated toady. The war which is already the Longest War in American History at 12 years will now chew up yet more young men and women in a cause that cannot be defined. Older brothers started 12 years ago, their younger brothers are there now, and sons will be fighting in another decade or so.

A Christian Homeland in the Middle East

A. T. Cameron

Many in the West fail to understand that the Middle East is home to ancient Christian communities. It is remarkable that evangelical Christians in the United States feel compelled to send missions to the Middle East when there have been Christians in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq 1500 years before there were Christians in New England or Ohio. When I was born, half of Lebanon was Christian as well as 20% of Syria and Iraq. Even today, one of every ten Egyptians is Christian.

The Bush war on Iraq did much to damage the Iraqi economy and society, injure the Iraqi people, and loot the world’s heritage under Iraqi guardianship but one of the lesser known war crimes has been the decimation of centuries-old ethnic and religious minorities such as the Assyrian Christians, the Mandaeans, the Romi (Gypsies) & Yazidis. When the Americans came they ordered the disbanding of all local militias. Only the Christians believed in the American propaganda enough to think that they would be protected and laid down their arms. As a result, Iraqi Christians became the latest victims of a genocide.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians fled to Syria, where another religious minority, the Alawis gave them shelter, now with the continuing Islamist attack on Syrian society, aided by the Obama regime, Christians are besieged there too. One sign of hope is the Assyrians’ own efforts to establish an autonomous homeland within Iraq.

If American Christians would like to do some good for the Middle East they could support their co-religionists establish an independent state. Thus far, the U.S. Government  has not been willing to support this effort. However, if the U.S. can lend its support to a Jewish State then why not a Christian one?

* * * * * * *

 From the Assyrian Christian website ( —

In recent weeks, Iraq’s Christians have suffered some of the deadliest attacks against their community since 2003.

Iraqis have called for the Ninevah Plains region to be officially declared a Christian province. Assyrian Christians, who trace their roots to the time of Noah, have historically claimed that region as home.

“We have 500,000 Christian refugees in neighboring countries. So our position has been very clear to the government. These people will not come home until they have a place to go to,” Assyrian Alliance spokesman Ken Joseph said.
Joseph and leaders of 16 other Iraqi Christian organizations recently met to discuss forming a Christian province. He said just getting the different groups to agree on something as historic as this was nothing short of a miracle.

“They put away all their arguments and they got together and did it,” Joseph explained.

Iraqi Christians have in recent weeks been prime targets of Muslim extremists.

The biggest attack happened on Oct. 31 when members of an al Qaeda group attacked a Catholic church in Baghdad, killing 68 people.

Iraqi believers have wondered whether it’s time to leave their homeland despite calls from their leaders to stay.

“We are addressing you, our dear sons, in these difficult and hard days, appealing to you to be constant in your faith and love to the soil of this homeland, Iraq,” said Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly of the Chaldean Church.

As the violence against Christians escalates, hundreds of Christian families fled to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.

“It’s the best of times. It’s the worst of times,” Joseph said. “It’s the best of times because people have freedom. They can do things they’ve never been able to do before. The church can do things they’ve never been able to do before.”

“But it’s also the worst of times because you have forces that are desperate to keep the success from every accomplishing it’s goals,” he added.
Since the October attack, several more people have lost their lives, including a Christian shopkeeper who was shot and killed in the city of Mosul.
And as the violence in Mosul increased, Christians have become more open to the idea of an autonomous region — an area where they can not only practice their faith, but live in freedom.

“It would be great to live in a place where I’m not forced to wear the veil or follow strict Muslim codes of conduct,” Layla Behnam, an Iraqi Christian, said.

In the last couple of years, wealthy Christian businessmen have poured millions of dollars into the Nineveh Plains to build churches, schools, and homes for displaced Christians.

“The idea is that we would have a place run by Christians, have our own flag, our own government, our own security forces,” explained The Chaldean Culture’s Paulus Mangeshi.

An estimated 1 million Christians lived in Iraq before the 2003 U.S. invasion. Less than half of that number still remain.

“Quisling” (Obama) Surrenders to Multinational Corporations

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement is so secret that the Obama regime will not let Congress-critters read it. His Imperial Majesty has ordained that mere Congress-critters will be allowed to vote on the agreement but will not be allowed to read it before they vote nor will they be allowed to propose amendments. The CEOs of the nation’s 600 largest Corporations however are allowed to read the Agreement, indeed they have been “IN” on the negotiaions leading to the greatest attack on national sovereignty in the history of the world.

No country has ever given up such power without being conquered. The Obama regime’s surrender is being done under the cover of “free trade”. American representatives have kept the public in the dark because they acknowledge if we knew we’d rebel.

After the TPP becomes the law of the land, any attempt by Congress, State legislatures or local governments seeking to regulate business for health, safety or environmental purposes can be overturned by a aggrieved multinational corporation. Nations will give up their police powers and authority to govern commerce and industry if the exercise of such authority would interfere with international Corporate transactions. The “Trade Courts” set up under TPP will supercede national and local courts, lack human rights safeguards and will be able to conduct their proceedings in secret.

Under the Emperor’s grand plan the TPP will be followed by a TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership subordinating the European nations to the corporate regime.

WIKILEAKS has released the Intellectual Property chapter of the Agreement to the public. Is it any wonder that Julian Assange is being sought by the Corporateers’ henchmen worldwide?



John Kerry’s Accomplishment? Racking Up Frequent Flyer Miles

John Kerry Is a Terrible Secretary of State

[With a title like that above who needs to say more? Peter Van Buren has a good article on THE NATION Blog. A few excerpts are to be found below but readers should check out the article itself.]

In his nine months in office, Kerry’s State Department has one striking accomplishment to its name. It has achieved a new level of media savvy in promoting itself and plugging its highest official as a rock star, a world leader in his own right (complete with photo-ops and sophisticated image-making). In the meantime, the secretary of state has been stumbling and bloviating from one crisis to the next, one debacle to another, surrounded by the well-crafted imagery of diplomatic effectiveness. He and his errant statements have become global punch lines, but is he truly to blame for his performance?

If statistics were diplomacy, Kerry would already be a raging success. At the State Department, his global travels are now proudly tracked by the mile, by minutes flown, and by countries visited. State even has a near-real-time ticker page set up at its website with his ever-changing data. In only nine months in office, Kerry has racked up 222,512 miles and a staggering 482.39 hours in the air (or nearly three weeks total). The numbers will be going up as Kerry is currently taking a  10-day trip to deal with another NSA Crisis, in Poland this time, as well as the usual hijinks in the Middle East. His predecessor, Hillary Clinton, set a number of diplomatic travel records. In fact, she spent literally a full year, one quarter of her four years in office, hopscotching the globe. By comparison, Cold War Secretary of State George Schultz managed less than a year of travel time in his six years in office.

[JOHN KERRY is one of those fake Democrats who have led the party in the last twenty years. He, like Al Gore before him actually won election to the Presidency but was unwilling to fight for it. Al actually won the popular vote while Kerry lost the popular vote to Dubya. Kerry did win the electoral vote if one counted the Ohio electors who should have been counted for Kerry. The Democrats were screwed in Ohio in 2004 in the same way that they were screwed in Florida in 2000. Let’s face it, the Democrats have lost the skills required to steal elections must less win elections. St Tammany bows his head in shame]

SOURCE: See, (November 4, 2013)

Sex Jihad in Syria — Obama’s Allies in Syria Committing Mass Rape

This news item documents the extraordinary oppression suffered by women in Islamist societies. That the Syrian rebels are exploiting their Muslim sisters is bad enough but it is further aggravated by the fact that these are the people with whom the United States under the Obama regime are allied.

[On] September 19, during an address to the National Constituent Assembly, Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Bin Jeddo announced that Tunisian girls who had traveled to Syria to perform “sex jihad” had returned after being sexually “swapped between 20, 30, and 100 rebels and they come back bearing the fruit of sexual contacts [from pregnancies to diseases] in the name of sexual jihad and we are silent doing nothing and standing idle.”

Several video interviews with Tunisian females who went to the sex jihad further testify to the veracity of this phenomenon. For example, 19-year-old Lamia, upon returning, confessed how she was made to have sex with countless men—including Pakistanis, Afghanis, Libyans, Tunisians, Iraqis, Saudis, Somalis, and a Yemeni, all in the context of the “sex jihad, and that she and many other women were abused, beaten, and forced to do things “that contradict all sense of human worth.” Now back in Tunisia, Lamia has been to a doctor finding that she is five months pregnant. Both she and her unborn are carrying the AIDS virus