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King Arthur is said to rest in suspended animation until Britain requires her champion to rise again to smote the barbarian hordes. So too the Dissenting Democrat’s somnolence has been breached and it is rising as it feels and is energized by the Burn that warms the Bernie Revolution.

Readers!  We stand at Armageddon and prepare to battle for the fate of Humanity and the common home we call Earth.

We are rising. Check back and see what our swords will do to the ONE PERCENT, the Power Elite, the Military-Industrial Complex and the other Dragons that would impose slavery upon a free people.

Rise all who wait and worry, he and she who would battle by my side today, will be my brothers and sisters tomorrow. Once more, once more into the breech for God, Country and the Knight from Vermont, Sir Bernie Sanders!


What Does It Mean to Be a Democrat?

What does it mean to be a Democrat let alone a progressive one these days? The question was prompted by my recent op-ed in MinnPost where in response to an argument against the State of Minnesota granting the NFL tax exemptions to host the Super Bowl, one reader wrote that he supported public funding for the stadium along with the tax breaks, and that he was a Democrat and a “fairly far to the left one too.”

Since when does a progressive Democrat support tax subsidies and breaks for billionaires and hugely profitable private companies that generate few jobs for working people and provide entertainment (in person) that only a few can afford? I thought that was what the Republican Party did? With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans.

SOURCE: David Schultz



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Choose Wisely


If You Liked NAFTA, You’ll Love the TPP

Obama’s Secret Deal That Would Make the Internet a Corporate Subsidiary

Beginning the Post-Obama Era

Political news from across the country has fairly consistently shown that Barack Obama is now a has-been, a lame duck if there ever was a lame duck. Democrats running for Congress are planning their campaigns as if there were no Democrat in the White (there isn’t). The focus is on State politics, Democratic congressional campaigns and who might be the standard bearer in 2016. Obama isn’t being rejected, he’s just irrelevant.

There have been hopeful stirrings as well. We’ve seen a promising bumper sticker: “I belong to the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party”. As someone who identified with Paul Wellstone famous quip, “I belong to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party”, I am encouraged.

So much so, that the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT recently attended his first precinct caucus since 2008 when he voted as a John Edwards delegate (pre-Bimbo). Caucus attendance was a biennial obligation in the family akin to keeping the Lenten sacrifice. My kids attended caucus with me as soon as they were able to be “volunteered” to perform some of the caucus chores: vote counting, registration, and passing the contributions bucket (my little girl, Winnie, was able to elicit donations from would-be skinflints with big brown eyes and a pouty “please give”.

It was good to be back among the faithful, I didn’t pass the buck but gave a buck (actually more) to the Party of my choice. And, again, the heart is hopeful that the Democracy that is our Party will rise Phoenix-like from the disaster that has been the Obama years. Mr Obama’s philosophical forebear, Grover Cleveland, was followed by the silver-throated orator and populist agitator William Jenning Bryan. We should be so lucky for history to repeat itself.

Fred Koch — The Nut Brothers’ Daddy


History’s Assholes: Fred Koch

Welcome once again to History’s Assholes, the column that travels back in time to flush out the assholes who made the world what it is today. This time on History’s Assholes, we look at Fred Koch, unique American asshole.

*  *  *  *  *  *

The two middle brothers, Charles and David, are the crazy ones. The other two, Frederick and William, are the loony ones. They are all billionaires and they are all doing what billionaires do when the least of their brethren are suffering: lobbying the government for tax cuts for the rich, opposing climate regulation, fighting social services for the needy, and fighting health care reform. (William Koch, arguably the least evil of the brothers, is nevertheless a poster boy for billionaires behaving badly: While Americans struggle to put food on the table, he is constructing his own private 50-building old-West town in Colorado that will not be open to the public, according to The Denver Post.)

Out of an empire built with the help of communists, we now have a libertarian conspiracy convincing America that pollution is good, that health care is only for the rich, and that President Obama is a socialist, thanks to Fred Koch, truly one of history’s assholes.

The foregoing excerpts are from an article published at LEO WEEKLY – We asked but did not receive permission to republish the post so we encourage readers to take a look at it at its original site.