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Republicans’ Christmas War on the Poor

In 1965, President Lyndon B Johnson and a bipartisan majority of Congress declared WAR ON POVERTY and enacted what became the second act of the New Deal providing Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, Housing Subsidies, Legal Services, Job Corps and various other programs. In 2013, the 113th Congress under the stewardship of John Boner and other denizens of denial such as Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul have moved in a different direction: the REPUBLICANS in CONGRESS have declared War on the Poor.

Paul Ryan said he read it in a book somewhere by Ayn Rand that Medicare and Social Security should be slashed (he never followed up on Ayn’s life to discover that the Queen of Mean actually was dependent on Social Security AND Medicare in her declining years).

Rand Paul, also relying on an Ivory Tower “study”, says that everyone knows the best way to end unemployment is to end Unemployment Compensation. You know that does make perverse sense: when the unemployed and their families die of starvation and the elements, they won’t be counted as an unemployment statistic any longer.

Republican Congress-critters aim to dump 1.3 million OFF of Unemployment Comp this Christmas season. Merry Christmas! This achievement is added to other such objectives as kicking 2.8 million off food assistance, dumping 57,000 kids out of Headstart, dropping Seniors’ 18 million meals-on-wheels, ending heating aid for 300,000 and eliminating housing assistance for 140,000 poor families.

Here’s a helpful suggestion for Republicans, howabout tattooing numbers on the soon-to-be starving, homeless and freezing so that we track the Republicans’ accomplishments as they die off. It worked for Adolf and Heinrich.


Didja Know?

Of the world’s developed nations, the UNITED STATES has a HIGHER poverty rate than any other nation other than Romania. Only Romania is competitive with US in the number of its people who are poor.

Way to go USA!

The Republicans in Congress are working hard to move us up to NUMBER ONE in poverty.

A Pic Is Worth a 1000 Words


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America Is NUMBER ONE !

Yes, the UNITED STATES is the leading nation of the world.

We spend more than any other nation on arms, armaments, and the instruments of death.

We occupy more nations than any other nation.

We have more foreign bases than any other nation.

More American children live in poor households than in any other developed nation.

Americans live with the greatest inequality between the Rich and those who are not rich than any other developed country.

We score the LOWEST on the UN index of children’s welfare.

We provide the fewest days of vacation and holiday leave of any developed nation.

We spend MORE for healthcare and get the least of any developed country.

We have the highest infant mortality rate.

We have the highest proportion of a population without healthcare than any other developed nation.

We have the highest level of carbon emissions than any industrial state , although China is trying hard to beat us here.

We spend the least on social services of any OECD member state.

We sell more arms than any other state.

We lead the world in homicides.

We are beat only by Spain in the number of high-school dropouts.

We imprison more people per capita with our only challenger for the title being China.

We are NUMBER ONE, but in much of what we excel, we’d be better off if we weren’t.

Poverty — It’s Not ‘Them’, It’s ‘Us’

Census figures provide an official measure of poverty, but they’re only a temporary snapshot that doesn’t capture the makeup of those who cycle in and out of poverty at different points in their lives. They may be suburbanites, for example, or the working poor or the laid off.

In 2011 that snapshot showed 12.6 percent of adults in their prime working-age years of 25-60 lived in poverty. But measured in terms of a person’s lifetime risk, a much higher number — 4 in 10 adults — falls into poverty for at least a year of their lives.

The risks of poverty also have been increasing in recent decades, particularly among people ages 35-55, coinciding with widening income inequality. For instance, people ages 35-45 had a 17 percent risk of encountering poverty during the 1969-1989 time period; that risk increased to 23 percent during the 1989-2009 period. For those ages 45-55, the risk of poverty jumped from 11.8 percent to 17.7 percent.

Higher recent rates of unemployment mean the lifetime risk of experiencing economic insecurity now runs even higher: 79 percent, or 4 in 5 adults, by the time they turn 60.

By race, nonwhites still have a higher risk of being economically insecure, at 90 percent. But compared with the official poverty rate, some of the biggest jumps under the newer measure are among whites, with more than 76 percent enduring periods of joblessness, life on welfare or near-poverty.

By 2030, based on the current trend of widening income inequality, close to 85 percent of all working-age adults in the U.S. will experience bouts of economic insecurity.

“Poverty is no longer an issue of ‘them’, it’s an issue of ‘us’,” says Mark Rank, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis who calculated the numbers. “Only when poverty is thought of as a mainstream event, rather than a fringe experience that just affects blacks and Hispanics, can we really begin to build broader support for programs that lift people in need.”

SOURCE: Minneapolis Star-Tribune (July 28, 2013)

The Last Time a Pope Spoke Like This He Had an “Accident” *

Pope Francis told the new ambassadors to the Holy See from Kyrgyzstan, Antigua and Barbuda, Luxembourg and Botswana to use money to serve and asked them to help reform the world economy along “ethical lines.”

“Money has to serve, not rule!” he said during a May 16 meeting with the new ambassadors of four countries who do not have a physical location for their embassy to the Holy See in Rome.

Pope Francis used the occasion to underscore that “wanting power and possession has become limitless” and “the selfish sprawling of corruption and tax evasion have gone global.”

“The Pope urges a return to the unselfish solidarity and ethics in favor of man in financial and economic reality,” he said during the 11:00 a.m.meeting in the Vatican’s Clementine Hall.

No official explanation was given of why Pope Francis chose to speak about economics with diplomats from such diverse parts of the world, but the four countries have all experienced the effects of the global financial crisis.

The Pope also stressed to the ambassadors that there is a need for financial reform “along ethical lines that would in its turn produce an economic reform to benefit everyone.”

That lesson is one that the people of Antigua and Barbuda know very well, since in 2009 Allen Sanford was accused of running an $8 billion Ponzi scheme from the country.

Pope Francis said he “loves everyone, rich and poor alike, but the Pope has the duty, in Christ’s name, to remind the rich to help the poor, to respect them, to promote them.”

“This would require a courageous change of attitude on the part of political leaders,” he stated.

“I urge them to face this challenge with determination and farsightedness, taking account, naturally, of their particular situations,” he added.

The pontiff spoke about the dangers of the current economic crisis, noting it is “a new, invisible tyranny, sometimes virtual.”

“The joy of living is decreasing, indecency and violence are on the rise, and poverty is becoming more evident,” said Pope Francis.

“You must fight to live and often to live in a non-decent way,” he observed.

According to him, one of the causes of the situation lies in the relationship that people now have with money and “its dominion over us and our societies.”

“We have created new idols, the ancient worship the golden calf has found a new and ruthless image in fetishism of money and the dictatorship of the economy without purpose nor a truly human face,” said the Pope.

“It reduces man to one of its demands, consumption and even worse, the human being is today considered himself as a commodity that you can use and then throw away,” he remarked.

The Holy Father also warned that solidarity is often considered counterproductive and contrary to financial and economic logic.

“Financiers, economists and politicians consider God as manageable, even dangerous because it calls man to his full realization and independence from any kind of slavery,” said Pope Francis.

“While the income of a minority is growing exponentially, that of the majority weakens,” he said, pointing to the growing disparity between the rich and poor.

He believes this imbalance stems from “ideologies that promote the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation.”

— EWTN News May 16, 2013

* Pope John Paul I had expressed similar ideas before he had a heart attack during the night but a brief time into his Papacy

Wamm, Bamm

It seems like PAUL RYAN is deadset on doing as much damage to poor folks as he can. He not only wants to pull the plug on Grampie’s Medicare but seeks to throw Granny off the cliff so as to grab her Social Security for his Wall Street bros, now he is working to destroy soup kitchens for the homeless.

As reported earlier, Ryan barged into a soup kitchen to make it the backdrop for one of his propaganda videos, now donors hesitant at sending charitable dollars into the overflowing coffers of Koch-heads are ending their support.

“According to THE HUFFINGTON POST, the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society is losing donors as a result of the photo.  “It appears to be a substantial amount,” charity president Brian Antal told the Post. “You can rest assured there has been a substantial backlash.’ ”

Way to go Boy Wonker!