A compendium of miscellaneia —

American Economy

WALL STREET launders about $ 600 BILLION in illegal drug-money every year


From 1796-1996, the U.S. military intervened in other countries 103 times

Wealth & Poverty

14.7 % of the nation’s households have incomes under the Federal Poverty Guidelines, higher than its been in 15 years; all the while the nation’s richest households have never been richer, have never owned more wealth and received more income; the world’s RICHEST 447 individuals have an aggregate income equal to that of the world’s poorest 3 BILLION people 

Resources consumption –

Annually, an American will use 8000 lbs of oil, 4700 lbs of natural gas, 5150 lbs of coal, 1300 ilbs of steel, 65 lbs of aluminum, 25 lbs of copper, 15 lbs zinc, 15 lbs lead


The three richest persons in the world possess sufficient resources so that they could afford the costs of providing basic education, primary healthcare, and adequate food and water for all of the world’s people who lack such goods and services and still have $ 30 BILLION left over!!!!

In WWII, 56 corporations received 75% of all that the US spent to fight the war while 10 of those corporations received 40%

How Socialist are we?

In the U.S., the Government spends 32% of the GDP. Japan spends 35%, Britain 40%, Canada 43%, France 54% and Sweden 62%.

Military expenditure comparisons

Seymour Melman pioneered the use of domestic policy equivalents in order to foster an understanding of the magnitude of military spending. Here are several –

1 attack sub costs what it would cost to provide Headstart instruction for 500,000 children for a year

1 F-22 costs what it would cost to provide a year’s worth of college for 100,000 students

1 Army Division equals the expenditure necessary to pay for a the annual salaries of 50,000 teachers

World consumption

250 MILLION face hunger as a result of expanding deserts

The world’s top 20% consume 86% of the world’s resources while the bottom 20% must live with 1% of the world’s resources [UN Human Development Report 1998]

The world’s RICHEST 447 individuals have an aggregate income equal to that of the world’s poorest 3 BILLION people  — If we confiscated the estates of 447 people we could DOUBLE the income of the world’s poorest!

The average American consumes 260 pounds of meat annually (or 2600 animals in a lifetime) while the average Bengali consumes 6 1/2 pounds a year

Does this add up?

The nation has a $ 1.4 TRILLION deficit.

The military budget is $ 1 TRILLION

The Rich got tax-cuts EQUAL to $ 600 BILLION

Chemical Pollution

Over 100,000 chemicals have been released into the environment in what has been history’s greatest experiment on humans and the biosphere


At the beginning of the 20th Century, the population of the world was 2 BILLION, by mid-century it was 3 BILLION. Today it exceeds 6 BILLION and is projected to top 9 BILLION in 50 years.


80% of the Porn distributed in the U.S. is distributed by 3 Corporations: AT&T, Comcast Cable and Direct TV (owned by General Motors). It used to be a criminal enterprise and now its an organized criminal enterprise.


It takes 2100 GALLONS of water to produce one GALLON of Ethanol — “Water embodied in bioethanol in the U.S.”, Environmental Science & Technology (April 15, 2009)

It takes 2000x the energy to provide bottled water as it does to provide tap water — Pacific Institute, “Energy implications of bottled water”, Environmental Research Letters (2009)

Child Poverty

34,000 children die every day of malnutrition, polluted water and medical conditions directly related to poverty

Water Conservation

The average African uses 4 gallons of water daily, the average American uses 105 gallons of water daily SOURCE: MSNBC-TV’s “Future Earth” (December 20, 2009)


An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reveals that, even using a conservative definition, 62.1% of all bankruptcies in the U.S. in 2007 were due to medical reasons. Most medical debtors were well educated, were homeowners and had good jobs. Three quarters among them had health insurance. In spite of that, in 92% of cases high medical bills contributed to their bankruptcy.


Casualties of War

ITEM: As of September 30, 2009, $ 915 BILLION has been spent on the combined wars on the Afghanis and on the Iraqis SOURCE: National Priorities Project

ITEM: # of Iraqis that have been killed . . . 1,366,350

ITEM: # of American & Allied Military personnel killed  in Iraq. . . . 4,689

ITEM: # of Allied Military personnel killed in Afghanistan . . . . 1,544

ITEM: # of American Military personnel wounded in Iraq  . . . .31,557  as of October 30, 2009

SOURCE:                                                                SOURCE:



ITEM: CEOs of the S&P 500 are paid 344 times what the average American worker earns.

ITEM: The top 50 Hedge Fund managers are paid 19,000 times what the average American earns.

ITEM: CEO pay is subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer every year with $ 20 BILLION in various tax loopholes.

SOURCE: Sarah Anderson et al., Executive Excess 2008: 15th Annual CEO Compensation Survey. Jointly published by the Institute for Policy Studies & United for a Fair Economy (2008)


Income & Wealth in the U.S.

ITEM: In 2005, the top 1% households absorbed 21.8% of pre-tax income twice the proportion it received in the 1970s. This is the greatest income disparity since 1928.

ITEM: Between 1979 and 2005, the incomes of the top 5% went up 81% while the bottom 20% had their incomes fall by 1%.

ITEM: In 2005, all income gains were received by the top 10% while the remaining 90% experienced losses.

ITEM: In 2004, the top 1% held 34.3%of all wealth, the next 9% had 36.9% so that the top 10% owned 71.2% of all assets. The remaining 90% possessed 28.8%




ITEM: In the USA, 47,000 Co-ops serve 130 million people or about 43% of the population.


  • 50,000 families use co-op daycare
  • 10,000 credit unions (financial co-ops) serve 83 million
  • 2 million use telephone co-ops
  • 6,400 housing cooperatives provide 1.5 million homes
  • Electric utility co-ops serve 37 million


ITEM: The Mondragon Cooperative based in the Basque region of Spain is the world’s largest worker-owned cooperative  employing 92,700 workers. Mondragon is comprised of over 150 individual companies including Spain’s largest supermarket chain. Unlike shareholder-owned corporations in which the number of shares are voted, in Mondragon each worker has one vote.

SOURCE: “Mondragon Corporation”, Wikipedia


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