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Who Represents You?


So if you, like we, are in the BOTTOM 80% of Americans according to income levels, you have 6 out of 100 Senators and 30 out of 435 Members of the House. The TOP 1% have 42 Senators of their own and 183 Members of the House. Doesn’t seem quite right, does it?

It does explain, however, just why Congress does what it does, and why they rarely, if ever, listen to the rest of us. They are taking care of their own. It’s what they do, and they do it well. The rest of us should learn from “our betters”, and take care of OUR own.


For the 1 %


Phil Ochs – The Ringing of Revolution

For those born after 1960, the naming of historical characters which may be unknown to you shouldn’t dissuade you from listening to the song. Just substitute any contemporary political name and Phil’s intro will be understandable

Should They Really Have So Much? Are They That Special? Are We That Worthless?

SOURCE: Mother Jones (October 2011)