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Abby Martin Renaissance Woman

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT believes in covering Politics because it helps us to order our society but when we wish to pursue the more important things we look to the Arts. ABBY MARTIN, news commentator, is also an artist, a truly Renaissance Woman.


“Space Fire” by Abby Martin

Readers are encouraged to take a look at Abby’s work at http://www.abbymartin.org


Abby Martin Free to Tell the Truth on RT; Cenk Uygur Censored on “Liberal” Media

There’s been quite a kerfluffle about Russian TV (RT) and their coverage of the Ukrainian crisis. RT has been attacked as a Russian mouthpiece. Nevertheless, it is notable that ABBY MARTIN, a host of a program on RT, openly criticized Russian actions and retained her job while many journalists on so-called “free” media have been freed from their jobs for not toeing the established line. Cenk Uygur, a former MSNBC host, had this to say:

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur appeared on RT recently with anchor Abby Martin where he was asked about the ongoing controversy surrounding the network’s coverage of Russia’s invasion of Crimea and press freedom in the United States. Uygur said that the distinction between the two countries was evident in the fact that he lost his job on MSNBC for criticizing President Barack Obama while Martin retained her job after criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Uygur told Martin that he lost his MSNBC show because the White House was not “happy” with his criticism of Obama from the left.

“People give RT a lot of flak for toeing the line of the Russian foreign policy perspective, but here we have a media apparatus entirely funded by corporations that toeing the line of the U.S. government,” Martin opined.

Martin added that CNN is moving to “reality TV” and entertainment journalism. “I think a lot of people on TV are good people and they don’t even quite realize that they’re part of this machine,” Uygur said. “But, what happened was, they got promoted because they toe the line.”

Both Martin and Uygur criticized CNN further for what they said was their “soap opera” coverage of the missing Malaysian passenger plane.[SOURCE: http://www.mediaite.com]

Fact is, censorship is rampant in the United States and the corporate media readily follows whatever line is being promoted by the Military-Industrial Complex and its Wall Street allies. If you want to know whats going on in the world, do not limit yourself to a single source. Mix in a little BBC and RT and various foreign news sources along with alternative news, apply critical thinking and a healthy skepticism of everyone in power, and then you may get an approximation of the truth.

Abby Martin

What I Say

We found the advisory poster while exploring websites related to Abby Martin and her news and opinion program “Breaking the Set”. It is a good statement of how Abby reports the news, and we try very hard to make it ours as well.

Abby Martin has been dismissed by lesser lights as a mere mouthpiece for Russia and the Left. She isn’t, she is an independent critical thinker who urges others think for themselves. Now she is criticized for expressing her opinion in opposition to Russian military action in the Crimea. So what is it, is she a Russian propagandist or imperialist critic of Russia?

The answer is relatively simple, she is neither, she is what she says she is and that is an independent journalist who by word and example encourages readers and viewers to seek the Truth.

Chris Hedges Interviewed by Abby Martin

One of the attractions of RT and Al Jazeera as alternatives to the run-of-the-mill Media is that they do serious interviews and stories on serious topics. Abby Martin’s program “Breaking the Set” is a good example and this interview with one of the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT’s favorite authors, Chris Hedges, is a refreshing change from the nonsense we’re force-fed . . . who is Beyonce dating? . . . will Lindsay go to jail or rehab ? . . . does Holland have a new mistress? . . . and what not.

You can watch the the second part of this interview at Youtube : WATCH PART II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxNqDg…

Here Is What Wikipedia Used to Tell Us About Abby Martin

As noted here several days ago, Wikipedia has deleted its own article on Abby Martin having decided that the journalist, activist and artist wasn’t notable enough. This was surprising to us in that people with biographies of considerable less import than the host of an international news-opinion TV program have entries in Wikipedia. What did that original article look like? A website called Wikibin makes available some of the articles which have been deleted from Wikipedia. Fortunately, Wikibin has archived one of the original entries:

Abby Martin is a North American, videographer, writer, journalist and Psychedelic artist ; best known as both: host and pundit of a Russia Today America political current affairs programme, entitled: Breaking The Set .
In 2009, she founded a citizen journalism media organization named MEDIAROOTS , based in Oakland California.
She’s also a board member of a research organization named Project Censored .
She has described herself as a political, anti-war activist and community organizer.
Threats and Criticisms
The Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesman Alex Selsky, has at least twice accused Martin’s BTS coverage of the Gaza-Israel “conflict” as “very very one sided”.
Martin claims to be often accused of being a propagandist for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. A charge which she strenuously refutes.
In June 2012, a staffer representing the Media Relations Committee at the Capitol, threatened Martin with: arrest, press credential-stripping, charges of trespassing and harassment; for collaborating with fellow journalist Luke Rudowski, in confronting US Republican Senator Rand Paul with questions about his allegedly hypocritical endorsement of (interventionist) Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign.
Has a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Political Science from San Diego State University (2006) with a minor in Spanish

Her visual art
Started from the age of 19
Her artwork features on the cover of a documentary entitled: The Crisis of Civilization
Photography, travelling and hiking.
She claims to have coined the disparaging nickname “#DRONEKING” for US President Barack Obama.
Started to scrutinize what she sees as North America’s state-compliant interventionist media, after her ex-boyfriend (Matt) in high school, joined the military soon after September 11th 2001.
She’s lived in Costa Rica and Spain, to help her Spanish language studies. Also lived in San Francisco.

SOURCE: http://wikibin.org/

NOTE: Interesting, the Office of the Israeli Prime Minister considers Abby Martin notable enough to be challenged and a Congressional staffer threatens her with arrest for offending Senator Rand Paul. She’s founded a well known media site on the Internet and serves as a director for Project Censored and has a program broadcast by cable TV and the internet which is seen by millions and she is not notable enough for Wikipedia!


This will be the absolutely last time we will address the Wikipedia-Abby Martin controversey however Amir Thomas’s criticism of RT-TV, the media outlet for Abby Martin’s program, requires comment.

This is what Amir Thomas had to say:

I take issue with the statement that “she IS notable as one who enables unsanctioned news and opinion to be known”. This statement is False.

You’ll see that she is really a tool of the (Russian) Establishment.


Generally, the Dissenting Democrat allows Comments to be published without a reply. This however deserves correction. Abby Martin and the program she produces is legitimate news and opinion journalism. The channel
on which it appears is owned by the Russian Government but that is no more germane than acknowledging that the British Government owns the BBC World Service. The United States Government does not own ABC, CBS or
NBC but they are owned by Corporate interests who make their money by keeping the American people fooled.


The Dissenting Democrat has found that RT TV, and especially Martin’s “Breaking the Set” is a reliable source of news and commentary that one cannot find in the Corporate Mainstream Media.


We also consult, and can recommend, such news sources as The Nation, Progressive Populist, & The Guardian (UK). We also use Common Dreams, Portside news service and the Solidarity news service, all of which are
American owned. We used to be able to recommend Cenk Uyger and Keith Olbermann and Dylan Ratigan but they got fired.


Before Abby Martin started her program on RT, she facilitated “Media Roots”, a citizen journalism project on the Internet and wrote for a variety of American-owned media outlets. She is also a member of the
Board of Directors for “Project Censored”, an academic-nonprofit media watchdog that has been monitoring the failure of many, many American-owned media who neglect to publish important news due to self-censorship, Corporate censorship or undue deference to the United States Government.

We are as grateful to Russia for funding RT as we are thankful that Russia gave asylum to Edward Snowden who would otherwise be languishing in an American-owned dungeon for daring to tell the American people
the truth about those who own the American Government.

Wikipedia Redux

“Stephen” has offered a particularly interesting comment to our earlier post on Wikipedia’s deletion of an article about Abby Martin —

All of this raises a related question: has anyone else from RT been banned?

On that score here are a few random facts I have managed to glean:

* RT’s Oksana Boyko has no Wikipedia page (although the presence of a live link on Wikipedis’a article on RT itself which now defaults back to that article (just like Abby’s) would seem to imply she USED to have one;

* RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze DOES have a page. However, is Sophie allowed to have a page less because she’s a RT correspondent than because she’s Eduard Shevardnadze’s granddaughter?

* A substantial number of RT shows (eg Politicking, SophieCo, Spotlight, etc) listed in Wikipedia’s RT article have live links on that page but those links all point to Wikipedia’s equivalent of a 404 error (File not found): “Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name”, again implying that articles for them USED to exist but no longer do so.

* As far as I can tell, many (though not all) of RT’s male presenters appear to have their Wikipedia pages (eg Larry King, Peter Lavelle, Aleksandr Gurnov), but the only woman to have one is Sophie Shevardnadze. Does Wikipedia feel that female presenters are in some way intrinsically less worthy of note than male ones (unless, of course, they happen to have a famous male relation)?

The fact that pages are deleted whilst making no attemot to fix the broken link is (just MHO) bad practice. But then so is having moderators (aka “supereditors”) for a sitel delete an entries without explanation or providing anm explanatory entry (brief or otherwise) to replace it, distressingly frequent though that now is nowadays (eg Disqus). In fact the latter is more than just bad practice. It is positively Orwellian. (And if you’re now wondering what I mean by that crack, ask yourself what Winston Smith of “1984″ fame did for his day job.)