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What Russia Wants

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, spoke to the Duma, the Russian parliament, on March 18. The propaganda talking heads of the Empire’s media complex will be selecting passages of Putin’s remarks to attack. The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT on the other hand will provide a significant excerpt for review. We also urge readers to read the entire speech at http://eng.kremlin.ru/transcripts/6889

Today, I would like to address the people of the United States of America, the people who, since the foundation of their nation and adoption of the Declaration of Independence, have been proud to hold freedom above all else. Isn’t the desire of Crimea’s residents to freely choose their fate such a value? Please understand us.

I believe that the Europeans, first and foremost, the Germans, will also understand me. Let me remind you that in the course of political consultations on the unification of East and West Germany, at the expert, though very high level, some nations that were then and are now Germany’s allies did not support the idea of unification. Our nation, however, unequivocally supported the sincere, unstoppable desire of the Germans for national unity. I am confident that you have not forgotten this, and I expect that the citizens of Germany will also support the aspiration of the Russians, of historical Russia, to restore unity.

I also want to address the people of Ukraine. I sincerely want you to understand us: we do not want to harm you in any way, or to hurt your national feelings. We have always respected the territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state, incidentally, unlike those who sacrificed Ukraine’s unity for their political ambitions. They flaunt slogans about Ukraine’s greatness, but they are the ones who did everything to divide the nation. Today’s civil standoff is entirely on their conscience. I want you to hear me, my dear friends. Do not believe those who want you to fear Russia, shouting that other regions will follow Crimea. We do not want to divide Ukraine; we do not need that. As for Crimea, it was and remains a Russian, Ukrainian, and Crimean-Tatar land.

I repeat, just as it has been for centuries, it will be a home to all the peoples living there. What it will never be and do is follow in Bandera’s footsteps!

Crimea is our common historical legacy and a very important factor in regional stability. And this strategic territory should be part of a strong and stable sovereignty, which today can only be Russian. Otherwise, dear friends (I am addressing both Ukraine and Russia), you and we – the Russians and the Ukrainians – could lose Crimea completely, and that could happen in the near historical perspective. Please think about it.

Let me note too that we have already heard declarations from Kiev about Ukraine soon joining NATO. What would this have meant for Crimea and Sevastopol in the future? It would have meant that NATO’s navy would be right there in this city of Russia’s military glory, and this would create not an illusory but a perfectly real threat to the whole of southern Russia. These are things that could have become reality were it not for the choice the Crimean people made, and I want to say thank you to them for this.

But let me say too that we are not opposed to cooperation with NATO, for this is certainly not the case. For all the internal processes within the organisation, NATO remains a military alliance, and we are against having a military alliance making itself at home right in our backyard or in our historic territory. I simply cannot imagine that we would travel to Sevastopol to visit NATO sailors. Of course, most of them are wonderful guys, but it would be better to have them come and visit us, be our guests, rather than the other way round.

Let me say quite frankly that it pains our hearts to see what is happening in Ukraine at the moment, see the people’s suffering and their uncertainty about how to get through today and what awaits them tomorrow. Our concerns are understandable because we are not simply close neighbours but, as I have said many times already, we are one people. Kiev is the mother of Russian cities. Ancient Rus is our common source and we cannot live without each other.

Let me say one other thing too. Millions of Russians and Russian-speaking people live in Ukraine and will continue to do so. Russia will always defend their interests using political, diplomatic and legal means. But it should be above all in Ukraine’s own interest to ensure that these people’s rights and interests are fully protected. This is the guarantee of Ukraine’s state stability and territorial integrity.

We want to be friends with Ukraine and we want Ukraine to be a strong, sovereign and self-sufficient country. Ukraine is one of our biggest partners after all. We have many joint projects and I believe in their success no matter what the current difficulties. Most importantly, we want peace and harmony to reign in Ukraine, and we are ready to work together with other countries to do everything possible to facilitate and support this. But as I said, only Ukraine’s own people can put their own house in order.

Residents of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, the whole of Russia admired your courage, dignity and bravery. It was you who decided Crimea’s future. We were closer than ever over these days, supporting each other. These were sincere feelings of solidarity. It is at historic turning points such as these that a nation demonstrates its maturity and strength of spirit. The Russian people showed this maturity and strength through their united support for their compatriots.

Russia’s foreign policy position on this matter drew its firmness from the will of millions of our people, our national unity and the support of our country’s main political and public forces. I want to thank everyone for this patriotic spirit, everyone without exception. Now, we need to continue and maintain this kind of consolidation so as to resolve the tasks our country faces on its road ahead.

Obviously, we will encounter external opposition, but this is a decision that we need to make for ourselves. Are we ready to consistently defend our national interests, or will we forever give in, retreat to who knows where? Some Western politicians are already threatening us with not just sanctions but also the prospect of increasingly serious problems on the domestic front. I would like to know what it is they have in mind exactly: action by a fifth column, this disparate bunch of ‘national traitors’, or are they hoping to put us in a worsening social and economic situation so as to provoke public discontent? We consider such statements irresponsible and clearly aggressive in tone, and we will respond to them accordingly. At the same time, we will never seek confrontation with our partners, whether in the East or the West, but on the contrary, will do everything we can to build civilised and good-neighbourly relations as one is supposed to in the modern world.

Americans should understand that Mr. Putin speaks as a Russian patriot. What he says and does is consistent with being the leader of a nation. The American media belittles that because American leaders do not adopt comparable positions. The apparent national leadership of the United States do not concern themselves with what is best for America and the American people, they serve the interests of Multinational Corporations, Banksters, Corporateers and the Military-Industrial Complex and hence lack understanding of a political leadership with national concerns.

An American leader would attend to American interests, the American economy, American industry and American jobs. A real American would not attempt to extend an international banking-corporate complex into other nations or into the sphere of influence of another great nation. If we understand the difference between a national leader and being a corporate puppet, we can understand the nature of the problem in eastern Europe.


Holier-Than-All America Condemns Wicked Russia

President Obama today said that the United States stands with the Ukraine against Russian interference in their internal affairs.

The United States as we all know is strongly supportive of self-determination for other nations.  . . . . NOT!

The CIA conspired with the Honduran military to remove the democratically elected President of Honduras.

The CIA, having previously attempted a coup against the democratically elected President of Venezuela, is again supporting dissident elements seeking to overthrow the legitimate elected government of Venezuela.

The U.S. Marines captured and removed the President of Haiti when he dared to suggest that American corporations should raise the slave wages being paid his people.

The U.S. military invaded Panama killing thousands to apprehend Manuel Noriega on an American warrant.

The U.S. mined the harbors of Nicaragua in contravention of a finding of the World Court that such an act of war was in violation of the UN Charter and international law.

The U.S. has invaded Granada, bombed Libya, intervened in Egypt, supported rebels in Syria, invaded Afghanistan, used drones in a half-dozen nations, bombed Serbia, broke up the Yugoslav national federation, bought off candidates in France and Italy, conspired to remove the British premier Harold Wilson, supported those who committed genocide in Cambodia (because they were anti-Vietnam), landed special forces in Colombia, supported a military coup in Chile, suborned genocide in Indonesia . . . . . .

And on, and on, and on.

And President Obama has the audacity to piously chastise Russia for interfering in a country that until 1954 was a constituent part of Russia (Crimea*). He does so because the United States is committed to self-determination. The Russian head of state is condemned as a would-be conqueror when Russia maintains only a single base outside of the territory of the former USSR while the U.S. maintains a global empire of military and naval bases on which the sun never sets.

When hypocrisy becomes a form of government it must be known as “Hypocracy”. The United States, under Bush-Obama, is the epitome of  hypocritical government.


* Vladimir the Great (not the current Vladimir), Grand Prince of the Kievan Rus, the forerunner of the Russia State, first conquered Crimea in 988. The peninsula was exchanged back and forth between the Russians and the Byzantines, Genoans, Kipchaks, Mongols and Tatars until taken by the Tsar in 1783. Crimea remained Russian until 1954 when Nikita Khrushchev “gave” it to the Ukraine. This was done when the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and would be comparable to Michigan giving Wisconsin the Upper Peninsula.

A Few Facts about the Ukraine, Crimea & Russia

The Republicans and their puppeteers at Murdoch’s Faux News are a-fluster about the supposed “Russian invasion” of the Ukraine and its occupation of the Ukrainian province of the Crimea. Makes good sound bites, resurrects an old bugaboo, the hungry Russian bear, and enables wing nuts to bleat repeatedly Obama soft, Obama soft.

However, the facts are less dramatic.

As we’ve noted earlier, the Ukraine is historically “little Russia” which has been within the Russian national family for a 1000 years. Crimea although adjacent to the Ukraine, is ethnically Russian. When the Ukraine became politically autonomous it entered into agreements with Russia recognizing Russian rights in the Crimea. Under those agreements, Russia maintains troops and naval bases in Crimea. Russia always has troops in the Crimea, there was no invasion.

No Russian troops entered the Ukraine. When a coup removed the Ukrainian President, its perps decided to play the nationalist card to bolster its street cred with the people. One of the sops to uber-patriotism was to make the Ukrainian language the “official language” for public business. This ukase was extended to all regions within the Ukraine including the Crimea.

Crimea which is predominantly Russian, and which both Russia and the Ukraine have recognized as an “autonomous republic” took offense. There is a serious disagreement between the Ukraine and Crimea as to whether Crimea is obligated to “Ukrainize” itself. This is complicated. It is not a simple Good Guy versus Bad Guy scenario.

The situation is being used by a Republican caucus to score points against a President they disdain and by a media anxious to hype a story for ratings.

Abby Martin

What I Say

We found the advisory poster while exploring websites related to Abby Martin and her news and opinion program “Breaking the Set”. It is a good statement of how Abby reports the news, and we try very hard to make it ours as well.

Abby Martin has been dismissed by lesser lights as a mere mouthpiece for Russia and the Left. She isn’t, she is an independent critical thinker who urges others think for themselves. Now she is criticized for expressing her opinion in opposition to Russian military action in the Crimea. So what is it, is she a Russian propagandist or imperialist critic of Russia?

The answer is relatively simple, she is neither, she is what she says she is and that is an independent journalist who by word and example encourages readers and viewers to seek the Truth.