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Ollie, It’s Another Fine Mess


The whole “Smear Susan Rice” campaign is beyond belief. The way the Republicans were carrying on we thought Susan Rice had shot the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. It turns out that all she did was repeat the talking points given her by our own intel. Since the intel subsequently turn out to be wrong, now she is being castigated for “lying to Congress”.

It wasn’t that long ago that another African-American PhD holder with the name Rice was testifying before Congress, and telling untruths she was told to say. Remember the mushroom cloud we were told to fear? Well, despite Condi’s lies John McCain had no difficulty supporting her for Secretary of State.

Now we have Ollie North, a man who actually really lied to Congress, a man who brokered drug-smuggling deals., who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Costa Rica, tut-tut at Susan Rice’s veracity. Un-fracking-believable!