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Keystone Sparks Protest

The COMMON DREAMS news service reports that Bill McKibben, a leader in the environmental movement, did not trust Obama to do the right thing and so the movement had chosen to plan for a massive act of civil disobedience opposing the Keystone pipeline. As further reported:

The sit-in is expected to be the largest act of civil disobedience by young people in the recent history of the environmental movement and it will be led by just the demographic that helped propel Obama to the presidency. The protest, known as “XL Dissent,” is meant to send a clear signal to President Obama that the base that helped elect him sees Keystone XL as a decision that will define his entire legacy.

“Obama was the first president I voted for, and I want real climate action and a rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline,” said Nick Stracco, a senior at Tulane University. “The people that voted him into office have made it absolutely clear what we want, and that’s to reject Keystone XL.”

The strategy is likely the only one left. It happens when a political system is so fixed that there are no options left within it for legitimate dissent. We can vote for the politicians who say they’re on our side but when it counts, they aren’t, thus civil disobedience is the only remaining option. We wish them well but doubt that the action will do any good. Mr. Obama is presently scouting for his next employment opportunity, serving the people is not one of them, corporate directorships are.

SOURCE: “Bill McKibben: We Don’t Trust Obama”, COMMON DREAMS (February 7, 2014)


Doesn’t Make Any Sense, Does It?



God Must Intend for Us to Work for Justice Because He Made So Much Injustice to Correct

SISTER MEGAN RICE is an 82-year old Catholic nun. She participated in a nonviolent demonstration against nuclear weaponry which resulted in a trespass at a nuclear power plant. Usually simple trespass is dismissed with a fine or a day or two in the hoosegow.

Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department wants to make an example of this nun and her friends and so have augmented charges so as to impose a 16 year criminal sentence. But even that “death sentence” isn’t enough for the Government to prove its point, the Department is considering even more serious charges which could entail a sentence of 65 years.

Really? Is that what the Government wants to do? Make such an example of minimal misdemeanor offenses so as to turn it into a felony. Banksters rob the country of BILLIONS and they get invited to the White House to dine. Bishops coverup massive child abuse and they are consulted for their ethical advice. A nun trespasses and she is banged up with a chamber pot for what remains of her natural life.


P.S. Most people think, quite naturally, that if one commits an offense then one is charged for that offense. It doesn’t work that way. For any possible set of actions there are prospectively 20 or 30 would-be charges. Prosecutors can charge various different things for the very same offense. So while the Sister only trespassed she may do time for all sorts of things. For example, when Martha Stewart was supposedly involved in insider trading, the prosecutor couldn’t find any evidence to support that charge. So he charged her with “lying”. Yes, she lied to a Federal Officer when she said she was innocent of insider trading and did time, not for insider trading, but for lying. It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack.


Solidarity Forever – Leonard Cohen

Wall Street Occupied by 99 Percenters*

Shhh! You are not supposed to know this. There has been a news blackout to keep you from learning that the Resistance grows


* If you’re not among the top 1% who control the nation’s wealth then you are among the 99% who are the rest of America

Notice from the Union of the Unemployed

Please come to Wall Street in NYC for the ongoing occupation and protest against the austerity and growing inequality. As a former unemployed and also older worker who has witnessed the injustice and discrimination against older workers and the financial ruin of so many people and our youth who face a terrible job market and poor prospects of landing a job equal to their education while in so much debt because of the sky rocketing costs of education I urge you to join us and post information on your web site.

It is simply too much to bear that wealthy individuals and corporations pay little to nothing in taxes, giant military contractors are pressuring our “super committee” to save their profits thus forcing the committee to cut popular and successful programs such as SS, Medicare and medicaid while everyone else is being asked to sacrifice.

Please join the call for social justice!

SEE “Recommended Websites” for the Union of the Unemployed

An Injury to One Is an Injury to All — Attend your Local Action on April 4

On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn. He had gone there to support sanitation workers demanding their dream: The right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life. They went on to become members of AFSCME.

The hopes and dreams of working families across America are under attack today, more than they’ve been in a long time.

But we’re rising to the challenge—building transformational change for working people from the rubble being left by destructive, CEO-funded politicians in states and in Washington, D.C.

On Monday, April 4, and the days surrounding it, working families across the country are organizing and joining hundreds and hundreds of actions. The labor movement, progressive organizations, the faith community, students, academics and concerned Americans from all walks of life are united, demanding a better future and declaring “We Are One.”

Find a Local Action at http://local.we-r-1.org/