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Who Represents You?


So if you, like we, are in the BOTTOM 80% of Americans according to income levels, you have 6 out of 100 Senators and 30 out of 435 Members of the House. The TOP 1% have 42 Senators of their own and 183 Members of the House. Doesn’t seem quite right, does it?

It does explain, however, just why Congress does what it does, and why they rarely, if ever, listen to the rest of us. They are taking care of their own. It’s what they do, and they do it well. The rest of us should learn from “our betters”, and take care of OUR own.


Debt Deal Is Unconstitutional

There are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 members of the Senate. Theoretically, each member of the House represents roughly the same number of people. The Constitution established by the founders envisioned the House as being representative of the People, and the Senate as representative of the States. However, the Constitution-in-Practice was dramatically altered by the Debt Deal. The Dealsters, Obama, Boner, Mac et alia, have created a new entity, a “SuperCommittee” comprised of six members of the House and six of the Senate. They are now authorized to decide what gets funded in the United States Government. No one else can amend or revise their decision. For all practical matters, the “SuperCommittee” is a new and supreme legislative body.

Constitutionally under Article I, every member of the House is equal to every other, and every Senator is equal to every other Senator. Inasmuch as you are represented by one house member, and two Senators, you are equal to every other voter. However, if you live in one of the States represented by one of the six Senators on the “SuperCommittee” or in one of the districts represented by one of the six House members on the “SuperCommittee” then you have clout. If you don’t, you won’t. If you are not represented by a SuperLegislator, you don’t count.

The Constitution grants legislative powers to two houses of Congress, and all of the members thereof, and does not contemplate Higher Authorities within the Congress with superior law-making powers. The Debt Deal is wholly outside the constitutional framework and is clearly a violation of the Constitution as drafted and ratified. The U.S. Supreme Court has subsequently held that representation is based on a one person, one vote basis; everyone has equal votes and equal representation. It has further held that while some powers may be delegated essential power of law-making cannot be so delegated.

It is remarkable that the Tea Caucus, a primary constituency served by the Deal, who are known for their allegiance to a strict construction of the Constitution, were so willing to abandon a key principle of the Constitution as found in real, in contrast to virtual, representation.

The Dealsters would claim that the Super-Twelve, since they represent the 535 members of Congress, still represent the voters. Thus, the Dealsters are in sympathy with the Tories and the King’s men in their debate with the American patriots during the war for American independence. The King’s position was simple, Americans could be taxed because others in England could be relied upon to represent them virtually without the burden of elections. If Senator Tom Coburn were appointed to the SuperCommittee then Oklahoma voters would enjoy REAL representation but if neither Klobuchar or Franken were selected then Minnesota voters would have only virtual, or fantasy, representation. That’s not what the patriots fought for, that’s not what the Founders wrote, that’s not what we have enjoyed for 220 years but it is the new America under a naked Emperor.