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Women’s Equality Now and Forever

A Republican Party official in Texas, perplexed by the growing movement for equal pay for women in the workforce, opined that rather than resorting to the law, women should merely learn to be better negotiators. The only reason for the pay differential between males and females doing the same work is the lack of negotiating ability among women.

I recall in another era serious editorialists with a slight Southern drawl countering the Civil Rights movement with a patronizing dismissal, “our Black folks are happier when unburdened by the cares and worry that accompany voting rights”.

Yeah, sure.

Discrimination against women, like discrimination against other victims of bias, has no basis in the absurdities propounded by those who defend the indefensible. People who do the same work, and apply the same experience, should be paid the same PERIOD.

My mother entered the business world as a file clerk, progressed to secretary, and then assumed the role and responsibility of a buyer for the purchasing department of a cutting-edge electronics firm that was later acquired by the once-mighty Control Data Corporation. After a number of years performing the function of a mid-level executive buyer, she sought the title and something approximating the salary. Her boss, who frequently turned over the department to her care when he left the office for his 4 hour liquid lunch breaks tut-tutted patiently, “But, Annie, you’re a woman. You can’t have a man’s job even if you are already doing it. It’s just not done”.

Mom already negotiated most contracts for the department, and then typed them up and signed them to boot. But prejudice being what it is precluded her from being paid for the negotiating ability she exercised on behalf of the company. The Law then had not caught up with where we are today, and today is still far away from where we should be.

My wife in high school sought to play basketball but was denied the court unless no boys wanted it. Girls could play only when the boys were done playing and then they were not allowed to form teams for interscholastic competition. Why, she asked. The answer? “But you’re a girl and it’s just not done”. Our girls were free to compete, and our grand-daughter is an outstanding athlete able to out-bat, out-pitch and out-field many of her male friends.

Women are not kept out of the executive suite or off of the athletic field because they lack skills, they are paid piddling less and denied participation due to sheer stupidity. It would be nice if people would overcome their prejudices but it is well past time for waiting. It is the 21st century, equal pay and equal justice is overdue. Now is the time and no later.



United States Supports Freedom in Egypt (But Not for Women)

The Obama Regime, like the Bush Regime before it, has been a loyal supporter of all things Islamist. Not only has our President bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia but U.S. policy in the Middle East is overly deferential to Islamic extremists.

Hosni Mubarak, successor to Anwar Sadat, governed Egypt for 30-some years and did so while maintaining the peace with Israel, promoting secular values and suppressing Islamist terrorists. In addition, Mubarak was a constant friend to American interests in the region even providing support to the First Bush War on Iraq.

Not good enough for Mr Obama who chose to lend American support to the Islamists instead. Funded and trained by the Wahhabi mullahs of Saudi hate schools, Egyptian Islamists had already killed Anwar Sadat, Mubarak’s friend and predecessor, a legitimate holder of a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Mubarak government had prepared an amendment to the Egyptian Constitution guaranteeing women’s equality. Only two other Islamic countries had ever sought gender equality — pre-Invasion Iraq and the Asad government in Syria, the former destroyed and the latter already under attack. The new Islamist government has withdrawn the equality amendment from consideration. Women’s equality doesn’t mesh with Sharia.

The Obama regime, which is itself supportive of women’s issues, has become the benefactor and sponsor of the most Anti-Women forces in the world today. The Obamaphiles may whine, “but how could he have known?” Well, its his job to know.

It was a telling sign in 2009, as the new Administration geared up, it enthusiastically renewed the tenure of the White House Faith Office to serve as liaison with religious communities but refused to bring back the White House Office for Women’s Affairs that had been active during the Clinton years. Likewise, we have a foreign policy that kowtows to mad mullahs while ignoring the majority of the people who have been oppressed for centuries.

Scalia Afflicted with Fasces Envy

Antony Scalia, the puppeteer for colleague Clarence Thomas, and longtime Right-Wing stalwart of the most dangerous branch, the Supreme Court was quoted as saying that the US Constitution doesn’t protect the rights of women.

Addressing in particular, the Fourteenth Amendment, Scalia denied that it applied to women. Now the 14th says, “…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”.

Apparently, Scalia (who writes the opinions for his conservative brethren) holds that women are not “persons” under the Law perhaps emulating his judicial ancestors in the Dred Scott case when they declared that blacks were not “persons” but property. Tony, in Jersey-style, may see women as but property.

Curiously, those on the knee-jerk Right opposed the Equal Rights Amendment asserting that there was no need to amend the Constitution to assure women’s rights BECAUSE the Constitution already protected their rights. Now the rightist hearthrob denies that such protections exist.

It is a telling historical footnote that Tony’s papa was an enthusiastic admirer of Benito Mussolini and leader of the American Fascist Party in the 1930s. Mussolini thought that the woman’s role was to cook, bear children and serve their men in bed, it appears that the junior Scalia inherited a similar belief.


“Fasces” is the symbol of the Fascist Party.